Manage who can access your system

View existing access rules in the table:

  • Description: A description of the rule for your reference (ex- Andy's iPhone or Store Network).

  • VMX Client ID: Access rule ID, generated by VMX.

  • IPv4 CIDR: To allow access for all users on a particular network, enter the network IP address. If you're not creating access for a network, leave this field blank.

Not sure what your network IP address is? Click here!

  • URL: Use the buttons in this column to view, create/view a QR code for, email, or copy the access link.

  • MH Profile: Opens the Mod Header website in another tab for easy installation.

  • Network Login: Do users for this rule need to provide a Network Login* (also called Company Password)? If yes, then no network login will be provided to them via the access rule. *Most companies do not have a network login requirement, so this can be left as Yes.

  • Clock In: Are users allowed to clock in from this access link?

  • Employee: Access rules for specific employees can auto-login the user if selected

  • Register: Restricts the user's access to the selected register.

  • Store: Restricts the user's access to the selected store.

  • Enabled: Turn on and off access.

  • Used: Displays the last time the access link was used.

  • Expires: Choose an expiration date, the link will not be functional after this date.

Have no idea what any of this means?

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