Adding New Deliveries

What's on the Page?

Delivery tickets are automatically saved to VMX POS when you make changes, so feel free to navigate from the page when you need to.

Delivery Ticket Number- On the top left of the page will be a unique delivery ticket number to help your team keep track of deliveries

Status- Select from the drop down menu what status your customer's delivery is in. You can change between the seven options at any time to keep the whole team up to date

Delivery Date- Select a delivery date from the popup calendar to put the delivery on the schedule.

Customer Information- Customer information can either be automatically loaded from the customer receipt if you add that first, or you can select the "Set Customer" button and type in the customer's name or number to add them manually.

Items- The list of items included in the receipt attached to the receipt(s) added to the delivery. Included in the Items table are:

  • PLU- The item number of the product

  • Description- The name and size of the products from the receipt

  • Quantity Sold- the number of items on the receipt(s)

  • Note- Add notes to specific items and indicate if the item does not need to be delivered

Alternate Address- Add an alternate address if the customer needs items delivered to a location that is not their listed address.

+ Add Receipt- Select this button if you need to manually attach a receipt and load items to a delivery. Be ready with the receipt number, which can be found at the top left corner of the Register screen when the receipt is loaded.

Receipt Hyperlink- Select the receipt number when it is loaded to the delivery ticket to be redirected to the Register screen with the receipt loaded.

Special Instructions- Add special instruction for the delivery driver, like delivery time requested by the customer, or a neighborhood gate code.

Directions- VMX POS will automatically look up driving directions on the internet, but you can add additional instructions to help the delivery driver arrive on time.

Directions to Alternate Address- Add additional instructions to help the delivery driver arrive on time.

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