Item attributes allow your employees to see customized plant information at any time from your POS. View and make changes to item attributes from the attributes tab.

How Attributes Work in VMX POS:

  1. Creating Attributes:

    • You can create various attributes in the system as shown in the third screenshot. These attributes can be of different types such as MULTICHOICE (e.g., Light Requirement), SINGLECHOICE (e.g., Evergreen), and NUMERIC (e.g., Mature Height: Min).

  2. Filling in Attribute Values:

    • When you add or edit an inventory item, you can fill in values for each attribute. This is shown in the first screenshot, where attributes like Light Requirement, Evergreen, Mature Height, and others are filled with specific values.

  3. Attributes on Signage:

    • Attributes can be displayed on signage to provide detailed information about the inventory items. This helps customers understand the specific features of each item.

  4. Attributes on Website:

    • These attributes can also be displayed on your garden center's website, enhancing the online shopping experience by providing customers with detailed information about each product.

  5. Searching Attributes in VMX:

    • The second screenshot shows that you can search for inventory items based on their attributes. This allows for efficient filtering and finding of specific items that meet certain criteria.

  6. Editing Using Inventory Import/Export in Excel:

    • You can edit attributes in bulk using the Inventory Import/Export feature with Excel. This enables mass updating of attributes, saving time and effort when making large-scale changes.

This system provides a comprehensive way to manage, display, and search for inventory items based on their specific attributes, enhancing both internal operations and customer experience.

If the item already has attributes selected, then someone has either entered them for this item specifically on this page or imported them from a spreadsheet on the Inventory Attributes page. Learn how to do that here:


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