Importing POs

A more efficient way to create a PO is to directly import items using an Excel spreadsheet.

After creating a blank PO and selecting your vendor of choice click the Import button near the top of the page and upload your spreadsheet!

Make sure to use correct column headers to properly import date from Excel to VMX: PLU - Description - Vendor Part # - Notes - Qty - Each Cost - Each Price - Department- Barcode #

Not all column headers are required, but at least one of these must be included ( PLU - Vendor Part # - Barcode #)

After the initial upload you will be taken to the Import Review page. Make sure to double check your work!

If an item from a vendor is not in your inventory click the '+item' button on the Review Import page to create new item.

Once you have assured everything is correct Click the 'Import' button and your PO will be be complete!

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