Profile Page Info

The default tab on a Customer's account is the Info tab. This is where you can find contact information, memos about the customer, account balance information, and secure notes.

What's on the Page?

Action Buttons

The action buttons at the top of the customer's profile page allow you to save information that you add or change and toggle to other common screens including the Register page and the Customer Search page.


Select this button when you would like to update the customer's account and remain on the page.

Save & Sell

Select this button when you want to simultaneously save the new data added to the account and return to the register screen

Save & Back

Select this button when you want to simultaneously save the new data added to the account and return to the last screen you visited. This screen is usually the Register, Customer search, or Wish List summary page.

Balance $

On the far right top of the customer's account is the current balance listed. To learn more about their balance, you can visit the A/R tab or Receipts.

Naming and Contact Information

Fill in the following fields to save the information to the customer's account. You can change these fields at any time and all of the history will be kept as well.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Company

  • Phone

  • Cell Phone

  • Title

  • Fax

  • Email

Select the rotate icon to reverse the First and Last name fields, and select the down arrow icon to combine and move the First and Last name field into the Company field.

Memo and Address

Memo- The memo field allows you to make notes on a customer's account to remind other employee of details pertaining to the customer. These notes will appear in both the account profile page and in a popup box on the register screen after the customer is selected.

  • Short Memo- Short memos are smaller reminders, typically a customer's specialized discount or preference that are listed under the account information on the register screen.

The customer's mailing information can also be found in this section of the customer's profile page and can be changed at any time.

  • Address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

Additional Information

  • Taxable- You can toggle between "yes" and "no" to configure the register to charge the customer for tax.

  • Tax ID- Add a Tax ID to keep on file for landscaping and business accounts

  • Bad Check - Alert employees to customers with bad check history by toggling "yes" and a message will appear on the Register page when these customers are selected.

  • Birthday- add a customer's birthday allowing you to send targeted emails and keep records

  • Send Statements-

  • Email Receipts

  • PO# Required

  • Employee ID

  • Statement- Select this link to navigate to the Customer's up-to-date statement, ready to be printed.

Balance Info

  • Invoice Balance- This field shows the total amount charged by the customer

  • Open Credit- This field shows the amount of of credit paid by the customer against their charges

  • Can Charge- This amount is the Invoice Balance minus the Open credit and reflects the credit left on their account.

  • Credit Limit- The total amount of the line of credit for the customer's account

  • Reward $- If your business has a rewards program, this field will show the redeemable amount on the account

  • Date Added- The date the customer was added to VMX POS

  • Class- This drop down toggles between "Retail" and "Landscaper" to categorize the class of customer.

Save- Select this button to update changes made to an account

Secure Notes- password protect a secure note to limit viewing access in a customer's account. The dialogue modals below outline the series of steps you will be prompted to take to successfully make a secure note.

Merging Customers

Merge Into Customer- This button allows you to merge two customer accounts into one, including their history, credit, charges, memos, and other information. Spouses with separate accounts are the most common example of customer accounts to merge.

After selecting the button, VMX will prompt you to enter a Destination Customer Number. You can type a customer number or name into this field, which will send the customer's data to this account.

An additional modal will appear and ask you to confirm the merge and recognize this action cannot be undone.

Note that once customers are merged, they cannot be separated! You can toggle who is allowed to merge customer account in the Admin section of VMX.

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