Items Not Selling

A summary of slow-selling inventory (not sold in 2 years or received in 11 months).

What's on the Page?

Department Drop-down Button- Select the department that you want to report to be on using the drop-down menu

View- Select this button to generate new reports after changing the input fields

  • PLU- The item number, hyperlinked to the item page

  • Description- The name and size of the item

  • Retail- Price of the item

  • Average Cost- The average cost of the item, calculated by the system based on all the times an item has been received on a PO

  • On Hand- The current quality of items in inventory

  • Total Cost- The cost of the items in the row

  • Margin

  • Last Sold- the date the item was last sold

  • Last Received- the date the item was last received

  • On Order- the quantity of items on order

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