Sending and receiving emails from the system

The emails page is organized into 3 sections: Email Alerts, Email Options, and Email Senders

Email Alerts

Use this section of the page to subscribe employees to email alerts! Different email alerts include information like when employees are clocking in and out, employee birthday alerts, daily sales reports, payroll reports, and more! If you have any questions about what an email alert is or what it includes, let us know!

Email Options

Email options are useful in cases where you'd like to specify the "reply to", "reply to name" and the "sender" for a particular email. For example, for receipt emails can be set to have "" as the reply to email, "VMX Team" as the reply to name and "" as the sender. When a customer receives an email, it will come from "andy" and if they reply it will go to VMX Team at "answers".

Email Senders

For any email that your system will be sending emails from, you'll need to enter configuration settings here.

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