Wish List

What's On the Page?

Only Show My Departments?

Check this box to filter through the Wish List entry to only show the entries that are assigned to your departments.

Wish List Item Fields

  • Customer- The name and phone number of the Customer who requested an item

    • The name of the customer will be hyperlinked to their profile page

  • Department- The assigned department of the item requested, or the department determined by the employee who created the Wish List entry for an item that does not yet have a product number.

  • PLU- The item number of the product requested, if applicable

  • Description- The name and size of the product requested

    • If an item number for this product already exists, the Description will be hyperlinked to the item page

  • Requested- The quantity of the item requested

  • On Hand- The quantity of the item shown on hand in inventory

  • On Order- The quantity of the item shown on order on all Purchase Orders listed

  • Added- The date the Wish List entry was added

  • By- The name of the employee that added the entry

  • Note- Any notes add to the entry

  • Last activity- The date the last activity for the entry was recorded. You can click the date listed to view the history of activity for the entry as shown below. The history shows the name of the employee who made the change, the date of the change, the name of the activity, the notes made, and the changes that were made to the entry.

  • Next Step- The Next Step, as set by the creator of the entry, shows the next action that needs to be taken in order to fulfill the request. You can sort the Wish List entries by this field and change the action from nine different options, shown below, at any time.

  • Follow-up- This is where the follow-up date, if one is set, is shown.

  • Edit/Delete/Fulfill- Select the edit icon to make any changes to the entry or add an activity. The dialogue modal is shown below. Select the Delete icon to remove the Wish List Entry. This action cannot be undone. Select the fulfill icon to mark the entry as complete. You can fulfill an entry manually by selecting this button, or VMX POS will automatically prompt you to fulfill when you check the customer out for their requested item and their account is added to the sale.

  • Archived - If you want to keep a record of the request, but no longer wish to be prompted to notify the customer when the items are received, use this feature.

Total Retail Requested

This line at the bottom of the wish list entry page shows the total amount of retail dollars associated with the sum of the wish list entries. This number will reflect if you select "Only Show My Departments".

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