A snapshot of the inventory at your garden shop and daily details to note

What's on the Page?

To see the Daily Inventory Report of a day that has past, navigate to the calendar pop-up on the top left of the screen and select the day you would like to view.

Cost of Inventory

The total cost of inventory in stock at your store

Daily Variance-

A summary of all the manual changes made to the inventory during the day.

  • Time- the time the change was made

  • PLU- the item number, hyperlinked to the item page

  • Description

  • Type- What type of variance was recorded?

  • By- employee who made the change

  • Average Cost

  • +/- Quantity- the change of quantity that resulted due to the inventory action

  • +/- Cost- the change in Cost of Inventory due to the inventory action

Total adjustments and total cost variance- The Total Cost Variance will show the total dollars added or subtracted from the Cost of Inventory for the day, while the Total adjustments will show the number of inventory changes made for the day and the absolute value of modifications of inventory.

Received Items-

A summary of items received during the day by listing the quantity of line items (different PLUs received), total items received, and the cost of inventory received that day. This list of data can be selected to expand in detail all the information on the received items for the day, organized by Purchase Order.

New Zero Items on Hand-

This table lists the items that reached a quantity of zero during the day

  • Old on Hand- How many items were in stock prior to the item being sold out or manually zeroed out

  • New on Hand- The current quantity in stock, this will be either zero or a negative number

  • On Order Now- Quantity on order

Negative on Hand Items-

  • On Hand- Current quantity on hand

  • Days- Number of days this item has had a negative quantity

  • Time- Number of times the item has been sold since it went negative

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