Opening & "Z"ing Registers

Before you can start making sales, you have to enter a drawer for the register you are using.

Add a Drawer

  • At the top of the register page, there's an orange "NO DRAWER" icon.

  • Click the icon and select the drawer you'll be operating out of for the day.

    • You may or may not use the same physical drawer every day, but you should still Set and "Z" the drawer every day.

  • Once you've indicated the correct drawer in the popup, you're good to go for the day!

"X"ing & "Z"ing (X/Z button)

  • Select the X/Z button and then select “cancel” on the popup to "X" the register.

    • The X tape will print, and you can see and confirm daily totals!

  • Once you've confirmed the "X" information is good, reselect the X/Z button and click "OK"

    • The Z tape will print, and totals will be cleared from the register and the register will be closed (no further sales).

To use the drawer again after "Z"ing all the registers, clean the drawer.

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