Get insights on the status of the cash drawers

What's on the Page?

The Drawer report walks you through the status of cash registers in your store, and shows deposit information.

  • Drawer- View the Drawer number and it current status, which can be Dirty, Clean, or In Use

  • Register- View which register each drawer was used to make sales with

  • State

  • By- Use this column to view which employee cleaned each drawer (if it is clean), who closed the drawer out for the day (if the drawer is still dirty), or who opened the drawer (If the drawer is currently in use)

  • When- This column shows when the status of the drawer was changed to it's current state. If the drawer is dirty, the date will be hyperlinked, to redirect you to the Media Report for that day

  • History- View how long the drawer has been in it's current state

Clean and Dirty Drawers

  • Select the blue hyperlinked Drawer name to be redirected to the drawer specific report and count and clean the drawer. For instruction on how to clean a drawer using VMX POS, visit the How to Clean a Drawer page

  • After you've completed cleaning the drawer, select the "Clean" button and confirm you've counted and removed the deposit.


The summary section of the Register report page will clarify how many cash drawers are in each status

The left selection panel on all the Reports pages will also show you how many clean cash drawers are left.

Cash & Checks from Drawers & Payments Deposited Through

This section of the Register reports page summarizes the amount of money in cash and checks from the selected date. The bookkeeper can select a day from the pop-up calendar after completing a deposit to update the count.

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