Order Planning

Get interactive data on what to order, when to order, and what time of year.

What's on the Page?

Order Planning Reports are extremely customizable, enabling you to see insights on virtually every combination of time frame, item category, and vendor.

  • ETA and Stock period- Use the two pop-up calendars to specify when you plan on receiving the inventory and how long you want the inventory to last.

  • Vendors- Specify which vendors you will be ordering from, or leave it blanks to have VMX POS automatically show you all vendor reports.

  • Departments- Specify which departments you will be ordering for, or leave it blanks to have VMX POS automatically filter using the vendors you selected.

  • Deselect Button- click this button to deselect all the departments you have selected thus far. Leaving all the departments deselected will populate all departments into the report.

  • Go- Select this button when you are ready to generate a new report.

The Order Planning Report uses your past sales history, average item cost data, and current data, to generate an accurate report tailored to you

Reading the Report-

  • Description- The name and size of the item in the report

  • Department- The department the item is in

  • On Hand- The quantity of items currently on hand in inventory

  • Projected Sales- The expected quantity of items to be sold in the time interval between ETA and Stock Period dates selected

  • Wished For- The quantity of this item that have been requested by customers

  • On Order- The quantity of this item that have already been ordered

  • Qty to Order- The suggested quantity to order to be stocked through the "stock Period date

  • Average Cost- The average cost of the item, based on the previous timed you have ordered it

  • Seasonality- This is a computer generated percentage using your sales history. A high percentage indicates that the item sells more in a particular season and that the season has past. High percentage items will show in red, to remind you that the volume of sales is expected to drop. Low and green seasonality ratings indicate that the items sales volume is expected to increase.

  • Cost to Order- The expected cost of the items in the quantity to order column.

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