Summer 2022

Welcome to the newest version of VMX! Check out some updates we have implemented over the past few months!


Search When searching inventory, you'll now find a new Columns dropdown option called Collection IDs, which will enable a new column listing the collection ID's of associated with each item.

Item > Website tab Similar to the way Web Name, Web Variety, etc. work, you can now customize each item's Extended Description for e-commerce with the new Web Ext. Description field.

Attributes Each item attribute type can now be individually shown/hidden on item signage with the new Show on Sign field.

Learn more about signage in VMX here!

Brands The columns on the Inventory Brands page are now sortable for easier browsing.

Pricing: Multi-locations For those using VMX with multiple sales locations, you can now enable and set store-specific Each Prices at the item level.

History When viewing item history, the color indicating the activity type (sale, receiving, adjustment, etc.), now extends across the entire row.

Bug fix: The dropdown on the Item History tab that allows seeing all rows on one page has been fixed.

Tag Designer The Tag Designer has many new data source fields, including Website fields (Web Name, etc.), Memo, Extended dDescription, and Current Date.

Purchase Orders

The "All Orders" page now loads 6x faster!

To facilitate drop shipping, you can now override the Ship To address on your purchase orders.

VMX can now be configured to automatically 'Close' Transfers and $0 Purchase Orders at the end of each day. Contact us for help setting this up.

When setting up or editing a Vendor, Vendor Codes are now optional.


The "Held Sales" page now loads 18x faster!

Deliveries The Delivery Fee Schedule calculation now supports fee calculation based on sale subtotal.

Find Receipts Find Receipts now supports using the new Tender Amount and Receipt Total search fields.


For easier browsing, Customer Attachments are now shown inline on the Attachments tab of the each Customer's page.

Wish List A new Wish List Next Step has been added called "Locate Product- Long Term".

Archived Wish List items now have a gray background when viewing in the full Wish List.

Now showing Stock Status on the Wish List.


You can now Filter the following reports by Multiple Customer Classes: Customer Top Spending Report Totals, Totals, Totals

Customer Credit Status has been added to the A/R Aging Report.

Daily Report now has Total Quantity Sold and Average Quantity/Receipt.

Inventory / Daily now shows the Gap/Variance (absolute adjustment amount) for each adjustment.

Inventory Worksheet now allows filtering by item Primary Vendor.


Upload an attachment right from your phone with "Attach from QR"! Just click your name in the top right of any page that supports attachments (PO, Item, Customer, etc.) and choose "Attach from QR...".


When setting up a Promotion, you can now filter by Inventory Item Name.

Minimum quantity is now calculated across multiple lines (previously only worked when ringing up the quantity on the same line using 3@, 5@, etc.)


Auto Lock Timeout on the Register can now be set in Admin > Configuration.

Emails Signup for employee overtime warnings via email.

Allow employees to receive an email notification of their hours worked when they clock in and out.

Contact us to set up these two custom notifications!


QuickBooks Desktop When you Close a PO or download a Journal Entry in VMX, there will be a checkbox to Queue the QB download. Once you close multiple orders, you'll be able to download one batch file by clicking on your name in the top right and clicking "Accounting Queue"


  • PayJunction is now a supported credit card processor on VMX E-Commerce. *Apple Pay/Google Pay not yet supported using this method

  • Product details can now be streamed to Facebook/Instagram

  • Coupons can now be applied to Collections online

  • You can set Rich Web Descriptions (bullet points) for collections in VMX that are shown below the Collection thumbnail on the website

  • Specify a Web Title and Web Meta Description for search engine optimization for departments, sub-departments, & descriptions


Thank you for taking the time to read our most recent updates! We are always working hard to continue to make VMX the best!

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