Order Page

Get all the details of each purchase order on the Order Page!

The top of the order page show the order’s PO#, followed by the vendor name, the vendor code in parentheses, the add item button, (un)receive button, % discount button, and with checked button.

The vendor name is shown in blue, indicating that it is a link. This link will take you the vendor page where you can view the vendor information. Learn more about vendor pages here:


Adding Items


Search all non-archived items or directly type in the item number


The description for the item being added to the PO


Enter the quantity of the item being added -- Change the unit of measure for the item

Unit Cost

Enter the cost per item being added- this field may be pre-populated based on historical cost for that vendor & item

Total Cost

Quantity * Unit Cost- changing this field will change Unit Cost accordingly

Reserve For

Enter a customer account here to reserve items on the PO for them


Add a note to the line item

Just make the popup disappear without making changes to the PO

Order Totals & Info

View and edit an overview of order totals, dates, notes, and more!

Total Costs

Total on Order:

Total cost of all items

Total Received:

Total cost of received items, excluding items on the PO but listed as "Ordered"

Other Cost:

Cost of shipping and other misc. vendor charges, enter this amount by clicking the field

Total Invoice:

Received + Shipping

Dates & Invoice Info


Date the PO was created

Est. Delivery:

Estimated delivery date, entered by clicking the field and selecting from a calendar

Bill Date:

Date of billing

Invoice #:

Invoice number to match invoice to PO

Due Date:

Terms of payment for vendor- when the bill needs to be paid by

Status & Additional Info


Either "NO" for not received yet or the Received Date


Set the order to Building, Submitted, Confirmed, or Arrived (See "Orders"). Once the order is received, no changes can be made here.


Links to all the attachments (AV, confirmation, invoice, etc.) associated with the PO


Items Table

Line numbers and checkboxes (see "With Checked")


Item number & link to item page


Full description and wishlist info, if applicable

Part Number

Item's part number can be edited on the Order Page or on the Item Page


Add notes to specific line items


Quantity on order


Unit of measure

Each Cost


Unit Cost * Quantity


Unit Cost / Retail Price

W/ Freight

Margin adjusted to include shipping costs

Each Price

Retail price set for item


Item's department


Item's order status and the employee who added the item


The last column on the order table, "Options", is a drop down with 5 available functions.

Receive (or unreceive if the order is still pending) individual line items

Order Table Totals

Beneath the items on the table, view the total items received, cost of received items, margin, and margin with shipping. The total cost of the order is also shown, including freight and a freight percentage, at the bottom of the table.


With Checked

  1. Add Tags: Add selected items to the tag queue

  2. Reorder: Add items to a new PO with the same vendor, which will be created when you select this option

  3. Load to Register: Auto-ring up selected items to the register page

  4. Move Items: Transfer items to a different PO

  5. Negate Quantities: Change the item quantities from positive to negative (or negative to positive)

  6. Apply/Remove Discount: add a vendor discount on all the items and toggle the check button to include or exclude freight prices in the discount. You can also select a percentage based discount or an amount.

  7. Delete Items: Delete the selected items from the PO.

  8. Pumpkin: Distribute a total cost among the selected rows according to their retail price so that they all have the same margin.

  9. Set Counts: Takes the selected item(s) on the PO and sets the count on hand in inventory.

  1. Delete Items: Remove multiple items from the PO

Toggle, Export, & Submit

If you do not select Download, the system will just open the file in a new tab!

If you submit via email, the reply-to email will be the email address for the employee who submitted the order. If that employee doesn't have an email address in the system, the reply-to address will be the same as the sender.

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