Fall 2023

Welcome to the newest version of VMX! Check out some of the updates we have introduced over the past few months!


The Low Margin Items table now includes each item's department:


  • Import/Export: Now exports location-specific retail prices.

  • Item Page: Added the "Save & Sell" button so you can jump straight to the Register screen to sell the item you were viewing.

  • Website: New AI button in the web description field to help you update your long-form item descriptions! (free preview)

  • Convert To: Specify a customer to reserve the product for when converting products:

  • Item Reservation: You can now partially release and trash a reservation on the item page.


  • VMXWEB / Tags: The Tag Designer now allows you to Include a QR code on your label that links to the Item on your VMX e-commerce site! The field type on the designer will be "QR Code" and the source will be "Item URL".


  • Items that are priced by store can now be repriced on purchased orders.

  • New photo icon on PO lines indicates that there's an image associated with the item:


  • The Find Receipt tool has 2 new filters (Check # and Receipt Note)!

  • You're now warned if your Register's store is different from your logged-in (top-right) store.

  • When completing an A/R payment at the Register, the Full Page Payment Receipt now includes the original invoice date.

  • Cashiers now have the opportunity to update a customer's email when prompted to email the receipt:


For multi-store companies: The customer profile receipts tab now shows the store at which the customer completed the sale.


Sales Reports:

  • Media Report Click on Cash Payouts (Net Dispersed) and Gift Card (Net Discount) fields to see itemized detail.

  • New Items Sales report features:

    • Include unsold items checkbox

    • Filter by multiple departments and subdepartments

    • Filter for only non-tax items checkbox

    • Filter by multiple customer classes

    • Filter by collection

  • Weekends include a rank column (#).

  • Daily Discounts shows the cashier's name.

Ordering Reports:

  • Weeks On Hand now allows you to select the stores included and to customize the report date.

  • Departments Receiving now allows you to split the report by PO and group by subdepartment or subdepartment with item detail.

  • Units Sold by Month now includes the vendor, last received date, trailing twelve months (TTM) receipts, TTM quantity received, and TTM sell-thru rate.

Inventory Reports:

  • Adjustments report now has an "All Stores" checkbox to toggle between your store and all company stores.

  • The Best/Worst Selling Report now includes a department name column.

Customer Reports:

  • Customers All Export now includes the "How Heard" field.

  • Customers Who Purchased includes an email market filter and a total quantity column.


Don't have any trucks in the dropdown on your delivery tickets?

Send us the list for your company at <help@vmxllc.com>!


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