Held Sales

Put a sale on hold and come back to it later

What's on the Page?

Load Checked- Select this button after checking multiple held sale entries to combine sales

Held Date- The date the held sale was created

Register- The register where the held sale was created.

Customer- The customer name on the receipt being held

Held By- The employee who created the held sale

Description- Either the balance due on the held sale, or a custom note made by the creator of the held sale.

To get to the Held Sale page, highlight the Tender Section of the Register screen and click the down arrow on your keyboard, or select the "Hold Sale" button on the button panel.

Adding a New Held Sale

If there are items rung up on the register screen, the dialogue modal below will appear after selecting the hold sale button or clicking the down arrow, and allow you to make a note on the held sale, print a quote, or put only the highlighted items on the Register screen to place on hold.

With Checked

Use held sales as a tool for doing physical inventory and placing/receiving orders with the "With Checked" features!

  • Sell- load to the register and complete the sale! You can choose multiple held sales and combine them or just click on the one you want to pull up (nothing's changed here!)

  • Order- enter the PO# you'd like to add the items to and VMX will add the items and quantities for you for quick receiving!

  • Receive- scan incoming products and immediately receive them against an existing PO!

  • Set Counts- set the inventory on hand quantity

  • Review Counts- review, edit, and set the inventory on hand quantity! See quantity & cost variance and download the review as well.

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