Worksheets are an easy way to see all the items that need to be inventoried in a department.

Items in gray have been counted recently (see detail on what this means above the items table). Use the checkboxes to filter the worksheet down to items not recently counted or items with non-zero quantities on hand.

You can either print the worksheet, write in your counts, and then enter them on this page, or simply use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to enter the counts as you go!

Inventory Import

Use a spreadsheet to update your inventory quantities with the "Upload" button on the Worksheet page!

Using the headers "PLU" for your item numbers and "Phys. Qty" for the corresponding count in your sheet, upload an XLSX file on the worksheet to instantly update the on-hand quantities!

Not quite sure if your spreadsheet is going to have the intended effect? Try it in the sandbox first!

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