Winter 2022

Welcome to the newest version of VMX! Check out some of the updates we have introduced over the past few months!


The escape key now locks VMX on any page!



  • Set the default tag type at the subdepartment level

Search: Optional "quantity requested" column added


  • On Order and Date Added are shown as columns on the export

  • Better handling of importing spreadsheets with merged cells

Attributes: Search function now includes a department filter

Tags: Better support for TSPL brand printers


Vendors: items received report now shows on hand quantity


  • Optional triple beep (3 quick beeps) at the register when there's an issue (negative, price required, invalid barcode, etc.) scanning an item barcode

  • Added support for dynamic delivery fees based on customer class

Improved register support for mobile devices

  • Search results restructured to display in a format more suited to mobile devices

  • Buttons more easily accessible on mobile screen

  • Better support for virtual keyboards

This is automatc on iOS devices like iPads and iPhones. Let us know if you'd like to see this version of the search results on computers or Android devices at your store! The results will be displayed in this format at all registers.


  • Added support for more clear receipt header logos

  • New support for pulling item quantity from a serial port scale for items sold by weight!


  • The customer "Receipts" tab filter now has a "last year" option (January-December of the previous year)

  • Credit limit report now includes customer class

  • Added "Text Market" field to customer profile to track opt-ins to text marketing

Search: Added "view" (view customer account) and "sell" (add customer to register ticket) buttons and customer class and account balance columns to the customer search results

Wish List

  • Added support for store-specific wish lists

  • Added "Other Sizes" to the wish list report that shows the current quantity on hand for items with the same name and variety


  • New Report! Sales, "By Day of Week"- shows total sales grouped by the day of the week for whichever date range you enter

  • Customer All export- now includes "Wants Email", "Wants Pmail", "Wants Text", & "Tags"

  • Coupons report (More>Coupons) is downloadable

  • Adjustments- department detail is downloadable and new support for "floating" headers

  • Slow Selling- added "Vendor" column to report results

  • Gift Cards/Store Credits- now displays issuing store for multistore companies

  • Media Report- added custom date range

  • Department Receiving- now shows average cost of received items

  • Daily Report- added labor as a percentage of revenue

    • Only visible to users with the "See Sensitive Numbers" permission


  • Saving a promotion no longer redirects the user back to the promotions list


  • Configuration- "Books Closed Before" field locks PO changes on orders prior to the "closed book" date

  • Payroll- now shows an individual weekly total number, in addition to the total for the entire pay period


  • VMX now auto-completes the user position field with other position values used before

  • Selecting an existing employee position when creating a new employee will auto-match their permissions to other users with the same position

VMX WEB (E-commerce)

  • Online payment detail is now imported with the web order (last 4 of the customer's card)

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