Magnetic Stripe Reader Setup

MAGTEK Card Reader Change to “Keyboard Mode” Instructions

MAGTEK Mini USB Swipe Card Reader

Part Number





1.23” Height x 1.28” Width x 3.94” Length


USB 2.0




Keyboard Emulation / Secure Data Spec

Installing the MAGTEK Programmer

Download 99510026.exe and install it

NOTE: The Program may visually disappear for several minutes: Wait for it to complete.

Now that you have the program downloaded and installed on the computer where the USB device is located, it’s time to:

Plugin in your USB Card Reader if you have not already.

Opening the Program

Click on Start > Programs > MAGTEK and click on USB MSR Demo to start the MAGTEK program.

When the USBMSR Demo software opens, it will immediately start scanning for the attached USB card reader you have attached to the computer. You will see it searching at the bottom of the screen.

IF the software detects Keyboard Emulation Mode, there is something else wrong with either the Card Reader Drivers, it’s installation or the device itself.

Using the Program

The software should detect HID Mode Device.

A new window will open similar to the one below. Double‐Click on the “Change to Keyboard.txt” document and it will automatically load onto the program.

If “Keyboard Emulation Mode” is detected, you can now test swipe a card in the software.

Once tested, you can uninstall this program or keep it for future card readers from MAGTEK.

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