Open to Buy - Items

This report itemizes the Open to Buy value by item to help you order smarter!

What's on the Page?

Department Drop- down Button- Select the department that you want to report to be on using the drop-down menu

Quantity field- The quantity of months you want to use as an interval. This is often determined using the relative turn of a department. For example, some garden centers want to order and sell down on pottery every six months, so they would select "Pottery" as the department, fill "6" into the quantity field, and select "Monthly" in the second drop-down. This would show the "Open to Buy", or suggested order amount for each six month interval.

View- Select this button to generate new reports after changing the input fields.

Reading the Report-

  • Item Name- The name of the item for the row. The report will summarize an Open to Buy amount for all the different sizes and variations of the particular item, based on the associations you make which adding inventory items. Select the name to see all the items associated with the name.

  • Starting Cost- The estimated cost of inventory at the start of period specified in the row

  • Dead Cost- The cost of Slow-selling inventory (not sold in 2 years or received in 11 months)

  • On Order- The cost of inventory that you already have on a Purchase Order set to arrive in the specified time period

  • Open to Buy- This is the amount of inventory recommended to buy in the specified time period to reconcile the projected sales with the amount of inventory you will already have on hand, and that will come in orders you have already made.

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