Fall 2021

Updates, upgrades, and improvements made in Fall of '21!

Heads up! We have a new support phone number! (706) 666-5566


Sales by Hour Report

Daily report

Added row to see seconds between sales

Best/Worst Selling Report

Now able to filter by Department

Accessibility Update

The menu is hidden on the items reports page allowing for better column viewing

Inventory > Department

Historical retail $ on hand added!


New tools and customizations for administrators!

Access tokens

Now has an expiration field for access tokens

Admin Email

When a customer receives a large discount, an email notification will be sent to an address specified

Messages from employees can be replied to the sender as opposed to the default email

Time Clock

An employee’s division can now be assigned when swiping/clocking in

Division can also be assigned/changed after the fact


An employee’s ID can now be changed—used for access as well as clock in/out.


Can now restrict which employees are able to give discounts at the register.


Store "Ask" setting- When employee clocks in VMX asks which store they are clocking in to



Added checkbox for archiving requests- these requests will only show in the customer wishlist

Now have the option for a more simplified customer page when creating a new customer


Dollar amount discounting- works just like "% discount" but takes dollar amount off the line!

Control + Click register search results to ring up multiple items at once

Sales on Hold

Held sales can now receive and set counts


Convert to payment now allows to put in deposit percentage as opposed to expecting full payment

Can click add tags from register screen


Can now attach files to delivery tickets File types (pdf, doc, xlsx, etc.)

Now support specifying a delivery time window (ex- 8a-10a) or AM/PM

Delivery page now sortable and searchable!

Proof of Delivery

Add a delivery dropoff time, an "accepted by" name, and photo of delivered items


Zebra Printers- can adjust darkness settings in VMX printer settings

Sub Department- now have a web name field- can change name of sub dept as it shows on website


Can enter an order lead time for item part numbers

Can now edit item reservations on item page

Added color field to item description

Can now manage hot button in item page

Load item check box- prints a "load ticket" with receipt


Now infer attachment types by looking at the file name/type Ex: pdf file type attached to a PO--most likely invoice


Filters by customer class, location, and coupon

Filter items affected by description, size, price, and vendor


Constant Contact- email marketing

Great Plains- accounting

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