On Hand/Order/Sales

The Ordering Information Report is a complete summary of an item's selling history, margin, and purchase history all organized by department

What's on the Page?

Department Drop- down Button- Select the department that you want to report to be on using the drop-down menu

View- Select this button to generate new reports after changing the input fields.

Reading the Report

  • PLU- The item number, hyperlinked to the item page

  • Description - The name and size of the item

  • On Hand- The current quality of items in inventory

  • On Order- The quantity of the item currently on a purchase order

  • Margin- The margin of the sales of the item

  • Preferred Vendor- The ideal vendor for the item, specified by you on the item page

  • Last Received- the date the item was last received

  • 1- the quantity of items sold in the last month

  • 2/6- the quantity of items sold in the second through sixth month in the past

  • 7/9- the quantity of items sold in the seventh through ninth month in the past

  • 10/12- the quantity of items sold in the tenth through twelfth month in the past

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