Configure the ins and outs of your system!


Enter basic company info like timezone, address, phone number, and receipt info.

Message of the Day:

Add messages for your employees to see when they clock in by logging into Admin, clicking "Configuration", and scrolling to the "Message of the Day" field!


Update register settings, defaults, and inventory preferences. This can include things like tax rate, delivery PLUs, default customer city and state, and default tag type.


Enter in the footer for all emails that will be sent from the system and configure the system to allow emails to be sent.

We are happy to help you set this up!


Enter quote header (typically your company's logo), company info, and footer (warranty information).

Credit Card

Details of credit card processing configuration hang out here!


Details of your company's different integrations through the system are here.


Extra details for VMX WEB and payroll preferences are here.

QB Online

Use this button to link with QuickBooks Online!


System settings (most of which we'll set up and edit for you!) are here.

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