Each item has sales, adjustments, and activity changes all throughout the year. View a comprehensive log of these changes in the History tab.

The main part of the History tab is the table with all item adjustments in it. Every row in the table represents a time in the item’s history when the quantity was impacted. This usually happens through 3 different processes: Receiving, Selling, and Adjusting.

You can also filter the table using these three processes. For example, To only view instances when the item was sold, uncheck the Receive and Adjust boxes above the table.

History Table:

Table Column



Receipt numbers & PO numbers


Date and time of the event


Resulting quantity after the event

+/- Qty

Number of items added or subtracted by the event

Unit Cost

Average cost at the time of the sale

Unit Price

Price for that sale


Resulting margin for the item


Customer on sale, vendor name on PO, or note added to adjustment


Employee who enacted the event

PO numbers, receipt numbers, customer names, and vendor names are all links!

Item Updates Log

Underneath the table, there is an Item Updates log, which shows a chronological list of changes to the item’s description, extended description, price, and etc.

The log includes the employee who made the change, the date the change was made, the field that the changes were made on, and a record of the previous field value in red and the new value in green.

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