Make a Combo!

What's a Combo?

Use "Make a Combo!" to exchange input items you have in stock for an output combination item. One common example is when you use a planter and flowers to make a potted arrangement for sale! This feature automatically creates an order to adjust your current inventory and transfer the cost of inventory from the inputs to the combo item.

How Do I Make a Combo?

  1. Add the items you used to make your combo to the register screen, just like you're ringing up a sale:

  1. Now, find the item you would like to ultimately sell and ring it up as a return (this example used "Annual Combo Large"). if you need help with ringing items up as a return, click here.

  1. When you've completed this step, you can now select the "Items..." dropdown button and select "Make Combo!":

  1. A pop-up will appear, allowing you to make internal notes. See an example below:

Now your combo is complete!

To see the Purchase Order that was automatically generated, follow the steps below:

  1. Select Orders on the top ribbon of your screen.

  2. Scroll down to the Received Order table.

  3. Select the order that shows your garden center as the vendor.

If you have items that are not inventoried, you cannot add them to make a combo. Example, you cannot add "labor" as an item when making a combo.

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