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What's on the Page?

Daily Reporting

  • Cost of Dead Inventory- the cost of the sum of all the inventory not sold in two years or received eleven or more months ago

  • Days in Inventory- the cost of inventory in stock now divided by the cost of good sold in a 180 day period (either forward or backward)

    • Forward- Days in inventory using a 180 day COGS projection

    • Backward- Day in inventory using the past 180 days COGS data

Date Navigation

  • Calendar Selection- Select the date on the top left of the screen to navigate on a calendar view to the day you want to see the reports for. Once the date is selected click the Go button to the right of the right of the date. Dates in the future will be missing sales data.

  • Forward (year)- Select the forward icon on the far right under the date to fast forward to the same month and day you are viewing, but a year forward.

  • Forward- Select the forward icon closest to the sun icon to fast forward one day.

  • Today- Select the sun icon to be brought back to daily reporting data for today's date

  • Backward (year)- Select the backward icon on the far left under the date to go backward to the same month and day you are viewing, but a year in the past.

  • Backward- Select the backward icon closest to the sun icon to go back one day.

  • Email Report- Select the envelope icon under the Go button to email the daily reporting data.

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