Manage your purchase orders all from one place.


Orders are separated into 4 separate classifications:

Building orders are those that the buyer(s) are in the process of putting together.

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Creating a New Purchase Order:

  • Start by selecting the +New Order button on the top left of the orders page.


Once you’ve selected a vendor, you have a blank PO!

Learn how about the different features of Purchase Order here:

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Building Orders

The building orders section is represented by a table that offers a quick view of all the building orders for your store. Sort by any of the columns in the table and simply select a row to view the order's full order page.


Unique ID number assigned to each PO


Name of the vendor for the order


Number of line items on the order

$ Ordered

Total amount on order (excludes shipping cost)


Date the order was created


Employee the order was created by


Estimated date of arrival (edit on PO page)


Submitted Orders

The table for submitted and confirmed orders is very similar to the building orders table. However, there are a couple of additional fields:


Submitted or confirmed by the vendor

Inv #

Invoice number provided by the vendor

Received Orders

The Received Orders table also includes some additional columns:

$ Received

Amount received on the order

$ Invoiced

Amount received plus shipping on the order


Date the order was received


Employee who received the order

There is also an additional space for a check mark next to orders that have been received. If this check mark is present, then the PO has an invoice attached to it and is ready to be closed.

Closed Orders

The last 300 closed orders will show under the closed orders table. All closed orders are available by searching the PO# and in the vendor history. The only added fields for closed orders are:


Date the PO was closed


Employee who closed the order

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