Fall 2022

Welcome to the newest version of VMX! Check out some of the updates we have introduced over the past few months!


Search The Memo column is now available as an option on the inventory search page.

Reservations Reservations are now editable, instead of needing to be deleted and re-added!

Collections You can now customize the collection name displayed on your website with the new collection Web Name field.

Import/Export The Import/Export feature now supports blank fields in the import to clear an attribute!

Add QR Codes to your Tags by changing the field Type to "QR Code". Tag designer now supports the Code39 barcode format. Setting a minimum font size on a text field now allows the text to auto-wrap.

Preview each tag type with the redesigned "Tag Types" page!

For multi-store companies, you can now copy an item's store-specific pricing, vendor, and stock status between locations:



You can now manually override the PO Received Date in the PO header.

Add quantities for all locations at once using our new quantity grid:

PO, With Checked: Set Primary Vendor Create Transfers: Change receiving stores on multi-store PO to one store and create transfers to destination stores. Split PO: Splits a multi-store PO into one PO for each location

Order Planning The Vendor filter is now searchable

Vendors Items Received report now shows an "On Order" column (from any vendor)


VMX can generate a customer signup QR Code that allows the customer to enter their own information and then shows a barcode/QR/phone number that starts a new sale for that customer

Contact us if this is something your company is interested in setting up!

Capture signatures for House Charges digitally on your integrated payment device

The register now supports fractional discount percentages (1 decimal, must use "% Discount" button)

Added a request (Wish List) creation option under "Items..."

Review Counts Stash review counts to recall later and/or by another user when doing inventory using held sales

Mobile Register Increased reliability for large receipts

Configuration New Register Configuration printer options:

None: nothing will happen when printing Browser: open your browser's print dialog

Find Receipts Added another description field to the search parameters (for a total of 3)


Statements Statement generation now has a progress bar


Best/Worst Selling Sortable by Quantity On Hand & Inventory $ (total cost of inventory) Added table totals

Accounting New monthly inventory reconciliation (QB Online)

Inventory > Departments Loads 150x faster when viewing historical data!

Adjustments Now downloadable

Gift Cards The column misalignment bug has been fixed

If you are a member of The Garden Center Group and are not already using VMX's WDR Report generator, please contact us so we can help you set it up!


Assign a Driver to your deliveries!

Now freezing effective delivery address when the delivery is marked "Delivered"


Filter for multiple PLUs using the "In" or "Not In" operator


Payroll New warning in Admin if there are multiple employees with the same Payroll ID

Schedule Admin Schedule loads 70x faster

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