The Receipts report organizes all the individual sales of the day, week, month, or year!

What's on the Page?

Time Frame

Use the drop-down menu on the top right of the page to choose what time frame you want to use to populate the table.

Receipt Table

Select any of the table column to sort by that field, and use the calendar on the left of the page to look at data from other days.

Table Columns

  • Receipt Number- Select the ascending receipt number to be redirected to the register screen with the receipt details loaded

  • Time- The time the transaction was completed

  • Register Number- The register that sale was completed on

  • Total- the total payment made on a sale

  • Tender- the type (or types) of tender applied to the sale

  • Cost- the cost of goods sold from that receipt

  • Retail- the total of the sale before tax

  • Margin- the margin of the receipt (accounting for any discounts)

  • Customer- The name of the customer attached to the account

  • Employee- The name of the employee that completed the sale

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