Validated Returns

How to complete a return using a customer's sales history:

Validated returns allow customers to return what they've purchased without having to remember to mark items as warranty returns and messing up inventory!

  1. Add a customer to a new ticket on the Register screen.

  2. Select the "Return (Validated)" button.

    • VMX will generate a list of items the customer has purchased within your return or warranty window and see which items have already been warrantied or returned.

  1. Enter the quantity you'd like to return in the appropriate field and then select the reason for the return from a dropdown menu.

  2. Select "Return" for an item you'd like to add back to the inventory on hand and select "Warranty" if the item is dead or damaged and you do not want it to be added to your inventory on hand.

Using the blank field at the top of each column, you can search by date, receipt #, item, PO#, and more all from this list!

  1. Select "Continue" at the bottom of the screen. Once back on the Register screen, verify that the item has a blue "Validated" tag.

  1. Complete the return by tendering out the transaction like normal

    • This is usually a "House Charge" tender to issue store credit.

  • After this is complete, the receipt history will indicate that the items were validated as shown below

  • For subsequent validated returns, items previously returned will be grayed out to indicate a previous return.

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