Spring 2022

Welcome to the newest version of VMX! Check out some updates we have implemented over the past few months!


Price Levels (Item>Price Rule tab)

Items now support Customer Class-specific fixed pricing- e.g. Landscapers get bags of top soil at $3.49 instead of the regular retail price of $3.99

Vendor List Cost (Item>Ordering tab)

Add vendor "List Cost" on the Ordering tab on the Item page- this is the default cost when adding the item to a PO.


The fields on the Tag Designer are now able to be rotated.

Attributes are now available as field sources on the tag template!

In addition to Zebra, directly printing to EPL and TEC printers is now supported!



Vendors now have a field called "Payment Method" which determines the default payment method used when closing POs.

The new vendor "$ Minumum" field will warn if a building order does not meet the vendor minimum.

Added vendor fields "Freight %" and "Freight Min" for reference.

Find all three of these fields on the Vendor Page and edit them here:

Back Ordering

When receiving Purchase Orders, you can receive one line at a time, where you'll be given the opportunity to edit the received quantity from the original ordered quantity. If there's a shortage, the system will create a Backorder PO for those items. A link to the Backorder PO will appear under the "Total Invoice" field!

QuickBooks Desktop

For our QB Desktop users, you can now queue bills & JEs in VMX to create a batch import into QB Desktop! Just close your POs and/or press your download button on the account report like normal and then download the batch file by clicking your name in the top right and clicking "Accounting Queue".


Auto Locking

Set the Register auto-lock timeout in Admin>Config>POS.


Apply payments directly to invoices right at the register! Enter the payment amount at the Register, click "Payment", distribute the payment amount between the open invoices it's covering (or put it to open credit), save, and tender the sale!

Mobile Register

The "happy" (successful) and "sad" (invalid) beeps are now generated at the mobile register when scanning barcodes!

Validated Returns

Only allows customers to return what they've purchased and no more forgetting to mark items as warranty returns and messing up inventory!

Add a customer to a new ticket and select the "Return (Validated)" button. VMX will generate a list of items the customer has purchased within your return or warranty window (pictured below). See which items have already been warrantied or returned, enter the quantity to return and the reason, and search by date, receipt #, item, PO#, and more all from this list!

If you choose to use validated returns, ask us about employee permission options for the regular return button!

Find Receipts!

From the dropdown next to the register name, select "Find Receipt" to open our receipt finding tool!

Search using the customer, date range, last 4 digits of the credit card, and item descriptions to find a receipt.

Use this tool to find receipts and set the customer on them, so you can validate their return or warranty!

New Held Sales Features!

Use held sales to review and set inventory counts, receive product, and more! These features were added with the line buster tool in mind!

  • Sell- load to the register and complete the sale! You can choose multiple held sales and combine them or just click on the one you want to pull up (nothing's changed here!)

  • Order- enter the PO# you'd like to add the items to and VMX will add the items and quantities for you for quick receiving!

  • Receive- scan incoming product and immediately receive it against an existing PO!

  • Set Counts- set the inventory on hand quantity

  • Review Counts- review, edit, and set the inventory on hand quantity! See quantity & cost variance and download the review as well.


Wish List

The background of archived requests on the wishlist is now gray.

Customer Credit Statuses

We now support customer credit status in addition to credit limits. The different statuses include:

  • Active- can charge if they have a non-zero limit

  • Hold - Can't charge until set back to active

  • Charge Off - Carrying a balance, but can't charge additional sales

  • Closed - Can't charge

Customer Receipts

Customer account history can now be sorted and searched with the table header under the customer account, receipts tab.


Daily Discounts

This report now drills down to each day!



VMX now supports commission tracking! Set items as "Commissionable" or not, designate sales reps at the register, and run a report to see the earnings of the reps.

Connect with us to set up commission features in your system!


Added grouping the item sales by sub department, filtering by item (PLU), and filtering by description (ex- "Lantana" would show all lantana sales across different sizes and departments).

Inventory Analysis (Inventory > Department)

Review the changes that have affected your inventory level to date. You can find this "equation" under the inventory analysis report table.


Floral Delivery

New fields have been added to better support floral deliveries! Add Occasion & Card Messages which will be shown on the delivery page.

Connect with us to set up floral deliveries in your system!

Edit Delivery Info


Activate promotions based on minimum quantity (ex- buy 4 or more perennials and get them 25% off) and set a fixed price promotion (ex- all 1 gallon perennials $7)!


Time Clock/Time

We can now capture the GPS location of the employee clocking in and out (plus other device info)! This feature was added with companies that allow employees to clock in and out remotely in mind.

Connect with us to set up GPS tracking in your system!


New & improved monitoring and management of receipt and tag printers!

Search VMX

Use Ctrl+space to search VMX for a customer, receipt, PO, vendor or item and jump directly to that entity page. Lots of additional functionality coming on this one!


Employees can receive an emailed summary of their "swipes" for the pay period.

Users can receive an email when any refund is completed.


MailChimp - email marketing

Sage Intacct - accounting


Show select attributes on your VMX e-commerce site!


Thank you for taking the time to read our most recent updates! We are always working hard to continue to make VMX the best POS available!

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