Account Wish List

Wish List- The Wish List tab is used to organize the item requests for the customer.

To see a comprehensive list off all Wish List items, visit the Wish List page.

Adding Item Requests

Select the "+ New Request" button to add a new request. For information on how to add a new request, visit the Add to Wish List page.

Existing Wish List Table


Lists the item number of the product requested.


The name, size and price of the product requested.


The name of the department the requested product is in. Department can also be specified if the customer wants to request a product that does not have an item number or has never been received.


This field shows the number of items the customer would like, or reads "Fulfilled" after the request is completed.

On Hand

This field lists how many of the requested items are in stock in inventory.

On Order

This field lists how many of the requested items are on an order.

Added By

These fields show the date the Wish List item was added and by what employee.


This field will show any notes added to the Wish List.

Last Activity

This field will show you the date of last activity for the wish list item. It will include any changes made to the wish list or Actions taken. You can clicked the hyperlinked date to see the history of Actions taken on the customer's wish list or any changes made to the request.

Next Step

This field lists the next Action to be taken based on the employee's updates.


This field allows you to set a date to followup with the customer, or take appropriate action in order to fulfill the request.


By selecting the edit icon at the end of the Wish List line, you can edit the Request details in a modal dialogue like the one above.

You can enter the PLU or the department if the requested item has never been received. If you enter only a PLU, the department field will be automatically populated.

Enter the quantity of the item the customer would like to request.

Add a note or specifications the customer makes on their request.

The drop down menu shown above lists possible next steps for this item. This allows all employees to stay up to date on the status of the wish list. You can also apply a followup date to the step to prioritize different items.


List an Activity to record an interaction with the customer about their Wish List so that all employees are aware and up to date. This Activity function also has a Notes field to add any additional details that need to be recorded.


The trash icon will delete the request and it's history, after you confirm that you want to delete the request a second time.


Select the check mark icon in order to indicate that the Wish List is complete and the customer has received their item. This function can also be done after completing a sale under the customer's account with this item.

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