View and edit employee clock ins and outs

Insert Swipe*

*If you use the "Click" method and your employee IDs to clock in and out, swipes represent an employee entering their ID to clock in or out!

Manually enter missed swipes to fix employee times here! Just add the employee, division, date & time of missed swipe, and then add it!

To review employee swipes for a previous date(s), just adjust the date range at the top of the page.

Clocked In Now & Clocked Out Today

View the list of all employees currently clocked in and all employees who have clocked in and out for the day.

Swipes Today

View the log of all swipes for the day, including employees, swipe times, division, and the employee who added the swipe and when. Each employee is also color-coded!

Labor Cost Today

Lastly, view some at-a-glance labor figures for the day.

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