Getting to the Customers Page

By clicking "Customers" on the top of the black ribbon on the top of any VMX POS page.

The Customer Search page is where the customer database is housed. You can search by customer name, address, phone number, email, or memo. You can also access individual customer profile pages, visit the Customer Credit Limit database, delete Empty customer profile pages, and access the Customer Wishlist database from this page.

To access the Customer Search page, enter your employee number, followed by the “-” symbol or clicking the “Emp #” button on the right hand panel.

Customer Tabs

Search- Selecting the "Search" tab on top of the screen to return to the main Customer Search page, while navigating all of the other tabs. After you have found the desired customer account, select their name to load the register screen, or select "View" to go to their Profile Page

Wish List- Selecting this tab will redirect you to the Wish List database, which shows you all the current wish list items requested by customer and subsequent information. To learn more about the Wish List page and actions you can take there, visit the Wish List page.

Empty- Clicking this tab will redirect you to the Empty Customer database. An Empty customer is one with no meaningful data in their customer Profile Page. The database exists to help you add data to complete the customer's profile, or delete the customer's profile.

Credit Limit- Clicking this tab will redirect you to the database of customers to whom you have extended credit to. The Customers can be organized by name or by credit amount and at the bottom of the database, the total credit amount is listed.

Classes- Clicking this tab will redirect you to a list with descriptors/notes about what your customer discount classes.

Searching and Adding New Customers

Search Bar- Using this search bar at the top of the Customer Search page will allow you to intelligently search all customer fields simultaneously.

+New Customer- If the information you enter into the Search Bar yields no results, or if the results do not correlate to the customer you are trying to find, select the "+ New Customer" button to use the information to generate a new customer profile with a unique customer number. VMX POS will automatically determine which field best fits the information you enter.

Search Result Columns

Each customer profile has a unique number associated with their account, which is shown on the first search result column on the customer search page.

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