Accounting Report

Generate a report to make your bookkeeping chores a breeze!

What's on the Page?


A summary of the total sales for each time period (Daily, Monthly, and Annually), the sales tax owed, and a summary of the drawer report (called Cash Over/Under). All the data points are hyperlinked to their corresponding reports.


An inventory summary for each time period (Daily, Monthly, and Annually) including cost of the inventory goods sold and the variance from manual inventory adjustments, each linked to their corresponding accounts. This data is further summarized in the Inventory Ending Balance, which shows The annual cost of goods sold minus the annual cost of manual adjustments.

Gift Card Liability- This is the total of outstanding gift cards.

Daily Cost of Consignment Sold (by Vendor)

The total amount of money being held for consignment vendors from sold goods.

A/R Totals

  • Payments in Office- Payments on accounts not rung up at the register

  • Payment at Register- Payments on accounts taken at a register

  • House Charges- Total of all charges to customer accounts

  • Other- Other charges like finance fees

A/R Daily Transactions

View an itemized list of accounts receivable transactions for a period and category. The list includes the customer account, date, receipt number, amount, description, and notes.

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