Schedule and manage all deliveries to customer and to vendors and events from the Deliveries tab.

What's on the Page?

"+ Delivery"- Select this button to add a new delivery.

For more information on adding deliveries to the POS visit the "Adding New Deliveries" page.

Deliveries Today- View a summary of the day's deliveries, including current status, customer name, and notes like time preference and product locations

  • Ticket number- The unique number assigned to the delivery, which is hyperlinked to the specific delivery ticket.

  • Status- Select from seven different status options to notify your team of the status of your delivery. Options are shown below.

  • Customer

  • Note- add pertinent notes and reminders such as time preference and product locations

  • Delivery Date- view the scheduled delivery date or see that the delivery is on hold. We now support specifying a delivery time window (ex- 8a-10a) or AM/PM!

Deliveries Scheduled- view a table summary of future scheduled deliveries

Deliveries on Hold- view a table summary of deliveries that need to be rescheduled by the customer.

Recent Deliveries- view a table summary of completed deliveries.

Attachments- Attach files to delivery tickets File types (pdf, doc, xlsx, etc.)

Proof of Delivery

Add a delivery dropoff time, an "accepted by" name, and photo of delivered items

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