All your Vendor info in one spot!

Get a quick view of different vendors and their information on the vendor page! The table of vendors includes the vendor code, name, a contact person, account number, payment terms, email address, fax number, and website information.

Use the vendor search function to find a specific vendor and go to their page:

Vendor Pages

Edit the general vendor info by selecting the edit button for Vendor Information. You can also do this for any contact(s).

View any vendor attachments under the Attachments heading. Select an attachment to view it or select the edit button to go to the attachment page in the system.

Delete the entire vendor or merge two vendors under Vendor Options. Chronologically view updates to the vendor under the Vendor Updates heading.

Use the buttons at the top of each vendor page to view other vendor specific info and create new orders or vendor contacts!

Vendor Orders

Select the orders link to see a list of all the orders for the vendor, sorted by order status:

Select any of the orders to go to that order's page!

To learn more about how purchase orders are made and organized see the Orders page:


Items Received

View all the items received from the vendor over a period of time.

Group PLU

Either group the PLUs so that each item is only listed once or ungroup them and see each time a PLU was received separately


Select a start and end date for the report


Refresh the report to reflect changes in the Group PLU and date fields


Item number


Description of item on the order

Part #

Item's part number for the vendor


Quantity received over the entire time period if grouped and quantity received on each PO if ungrouped


Item subtotal cost

Unit Price

Retail price of the item

Additional fields are included if the report is set to "Don't Group PLU":


The PO that item was included on (link to PO)


Date the PO was received


Item note on the PO

Unit Cost

Cost of each item received

+ PO & + Contact

Select the "+ PO" button to add a new PO for the vendor. Learn more about order pages here:

Order Page

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