Item Removal

There are three ways to remove items from the system:


You can't delete items that have history from the system. Most of your items probably have at least a little sales history, so you'll be unable to actually delete them. If an item has no sales history, attachments, receiving history, adjustments, etc., then it could be deleted, and therefore completely removed.


By unchecking the "Allow Selling" and "Allow Reorder" fields on the bottom of the item page, the item becomes archived. Only items without a quantity on hand can be archived and they will be hidden from the inventory search and register search unless you change the filter to "Include Archived". These items will keep the same PLU number.


You can duplicate an item that you don't use very often that has a desirable PLU number. Then, merge the PLUs (merge the older item into the one you created through duplication) so that the old item that you aren't using very often is now represented by the new PLU. By duplicating and merging, you are essentially shifting the item to a less desirable item number. The old PLU will the first PLU queued when you create a new item.

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