Hardware Recommendations

Receipt Printer

Our recommended receipt printer is a thermal receipt printer made by Epson. It connects to your register computer via USB port and prints receipts that are 3.15 inches wide. Take a look here.

Tag/Label Printer

VMX integrates directly with any ZPL-compatible printer! Our favorite printer (at a great price!) is the Zebra ZT230!

Zebra Technologies ZT23042-T01200FZ Series ZT230

Thermal Transfer Printer 4" TT Tabletop Printer, 203 dpi Resolution, Tear, Power Cord with US Plug, Serial/USB/Internal net Print Server 10/100/Ethernet, ZPL

We also support printing on a wide variety of other label printers, just send us the specs and we can verify compatibility!

Here's a link to our favorite 2"x2" labels!

We also recommend the 4.3” resin 5095 performance ribbon.

Barcode Scanner

VMX POS is compatible with many different kinds of barcode scanners, both direct input and Bluetooth. We recommend ones with long battery life and sufficient connection distance. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Symbol LI4278

ScanAvenger SA9000

All keyboards and mouses are compatible with the POS, but our experts recommend wired over Bluetooth due to battery life.

Handheld Barcode Scanner (Line Buster)

Get tickets started on a mobile device with barcode scanning capability! Great for busy spring days or garden centers with limited space at their registers!

Cash Drawer

Your cash drawer will need to connect to your receipt printer, usually via an RJ11/RJ12 network cable. Here's a drawer that is compatible with the receipt printer we recommend, and it includes the connection cables.


Feel free to use any computer monitor you want! Most users prefer a wide screen, so we included one here.

Swipe Cards

Record employee time arrival times, breaks, lunches, and departure times by swiping these cards.

Wall Card Holder

Easily store and organize employee time cards in this wall-mounted holder.


Our experts recommend your desktop have sufficient processing speed and Windows 7 or later, so the POS can run smoothly. The computer will also need to support the Google Chrome web browser. We like the price point of this refurbished one!

Gift Cards

Need a new source for gift cards? Here are a couple of gift card manufacturers we recommend:

eCard Systems

Sunrise Marketing

Any numbering system will work with VMX, as long as each gift card has a unique code and the scanning method is compatible with your hardware (for example, you'd only want to choose a barcode type that is supported by your barcode scanners)!

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