Customer Item Matching

Get insights on which customers purchased certain items

What's on the Page?

Use the field in the top left area of the report to customize the item report. The top row of field will use calendar pop-ups to allow you to select the time frame used to populate the report table, then filter by whether the customer has a phone number or email on their account using the drop-down menu, then add which item or items you want to search by and click "View" to generate the report.

  • Number- The unique number assigned to the customer associated

  • Name- The customer name. Both this and the customer name are hyperlinked to the customer page

  • Company- The Customer's company name (if applicable)

  • Phone Number

  • Email

  • Period Item Sales- The total sales dollars collected from this customer in the time period selected

  • Copy- Select the Folder Icon to copy the information in the table to your clipboard

  • Download- Select the Download Icon to upload the information in the generate table to your computer in .csv format

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