Account Receipts

Receipts- The Receipts tab will show you all the transactions completed under the customer's account. It can be filtered by time period and summarizes the transaction history.

The drop down arrow on the top left of the page next to "Past Receipt" lets you toggle what time frame to see transactions. On the top right of the page is the customer's statistics which will change when you change the time frame. The statistics include the total margin percentage of the transactions shown on the page, the average discount amount, and the total of their sales.

Receipt History Table







The date that the sale was tendered

The receipt number, which can be selected to load the receipt on the Register page

The total amount tendered for the sale.

The item numbers, names, quantities, prices, and discount of each line item from each receipt

Any notes added to the receipt will be listed here.

The name of the employee that tendered the sale.

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