Recording an A/R Payment

Make sure your accounts are up to date!

  1. Add the customer account to a new ticket on the Register page.

  2. Type in the total amount of the payment into the Register search bar. In this example, the payment will be a $50.90 check.

  1. Click the "Payment" button on the right side of the Register page.

  1. The payment application table will appear with a list of the recent invoices for the customer. Click into the "Apply" field of the invoice you would like to pay and type in the total of the payment you received.

VMX will automatically populate the payment amount for you! You can change the amount or simply click out of the "Apply" field to keep the automated amount.

  1. Click the blue "Save" button.

  2. Type the total into the Register search bar again and select the type of tender your customer would like to pay with. In this example, I would select the "$- Check" button, since the payment on account is being paid via check.

  3. Complete your sale! The new balance due by your customer should be beneath their name on the Register screen.

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